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Content Ideas for a Weekly Blog

Are you struggling to develop original content each week to help increase awareness of your brand?

Writing and sharing a blog each week is an important component of any content marketing strategy. Per Hubspot, "If you consistently create valuable content or articles for your target audience, it'll establish you as an industry leader or authority in their eyes."

Most of my clients struggle with what to write about each week. I typically suggest they outline a monthly plan based on their business and what content would be most valuable for their target audience.

If you need help coming up with ideas on what to share, the list below is a great place to start.

  • Create a series. Consider creating a series of related posts. For example, if you are a photographer, you could share ideas for picking the best local venue based on the month.

  • Tips and advice. Share what you know. Provide your clients with ideas and advice on how to do what you do.

  • Share stories. People love stories. Share stories about your clients, how you grew your business, what you learned along the way, etc.

  • Video. Create a video, posting to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., and embed on your blog.

  • List. Share a numbered list of tips, how-to’s, stats, examples, practices, etc.

  • Contest and prizes. Ask your audience for feedback in a post with the chance to win a prize/recognition for the best response.

  • Common mistakes. Compile a list of common mistakes your target audience might make and how they can overcome them specific to your product or services.

  • FAQs. Develop a list of frequently asked questions and share them in your blog. Consider adding them to your website as well.

  • Top product list. Share your research and outline top-rated products or services based on your experience.

  • Recommended reading. Provide a list of recommended reading on a helpful topic.

  • Checklist and cheat sheets. Create a checklist of items or cheat sheet needed to accomplish some activity or goal and share it in your blog.

  • Case studies. Share a case study on what to do or what not to do including lessons learned, value of services, and results.

Keep in mind that marketing is a long-term strategy and it can often take 8 to 10 touches to get to a purchase decision. Key is consistency. Sharing information weekly will increase awareness of your brand and ideally grow your bottom line revenue.


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