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Creating a Professional Looking Event Graphic

Do you struggle to create professional-looking graphics for your small business or non-profit events?

Effective and professional-looking graphics are an important part of event promotion and your overall digital brand presence.

Below we've outlined 8 simple design tips to help ensure your graphics reflect your brand, are clear and concise and will help you get the most out of your events!

First, let's take a look at a DIY graphic on the right. Think about how it could be better and what's off?

  • The color scheme doesn't match the brand

  • Spacing throughout is off

  • Text in the lower right is wordy and too small to read on most social media or mobile

It will work to get the word out, but it could be better with a few refinements outlined below.

As we see in the same event in the updated graphic below, there are 8 simple rules to follow when creating your graphic to give it a more professional look.

  1. Use a simple color scheme to match your brand.

  2. Include the date, time, and cost (if applicable) in a prominent fashion.

  3. Include a photo(s) of the speaker and a brief bio to reinforce credentials.

  4. Use consistent spacing between elements and on margins. This takes a bit more time but is worth the effort. Also, an old advertising trick is to use the backward six rule. Most people review ads starting in the upper left following a backward six down to the lower right.

  5. Include a bold headline describing briefly what your event is about.

  6. Highlight key topics to be covered by speakers. Remember, if you can say it with fewer words, you should!

  7. Have a relevant background image that is transparent to add interest.

  8. Include how to register and logo lower right (where people's eyes tend to end up.)

There are many good free design tools with templates to help you create your next graphic. We like for ease of use and the amount of variety and free templates. PowerPoint can be used as well. Once you create the graphic on PowerPoint, go to presentation mode, hit print screen, then paste on a slide, and just save your design as an image.

The goal is to create a DIY graphic that looks like you hired a professional!


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