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Average Email Open Rates by Industry Per Constant Contact

Are you monitoring your email open rates? A well-cultivated email list is one of the most valuable marketing tools for small and mid-size businesses. A key performance indicator of your email strategy is your open rate. If your open rates fall way below industry averages, it's time to evaluate your content based on your target audience. Not sure what the average open rate is for your industry? Constant Contact recently shared their data as of October 2021 summarized in the chart below. Constant Contact gathers data monthly from over 200 million emails sent from their customers who have indicated their business type. In addition to open rate, it's also important to monitor your bounce and click rates defined as:
Open rate - Measures the number of emails opened compared to the number of emails sent. Segmenting your contact list so that you can send more targeted content can help you improve your open rate. Bounce rate - Measures the number of emails sent compared to the number of emails delivered. Managing your bounced emails can help you improve your open rate. Click rate - Compares the number of people who clicked a link within the email against the number of emails that were successfully delivered. Having a single call-to-action can help improve your click rate.
Constant Contact Email Open, Click & Bounce Rate Averages as of October 2021 If your open rates are lower than average, in addition to reviewing your content, you should consider refining your email lists leveraging open rate data. Most emailing software tools allow you to establish groupings based on what content your clients or prospects find most interesting. For example, if only 20% of your customers typically open emails about your events, you may want to create a segment for those contacts and only send them future event emails. The more targeted your emails are, you should see a significant increase in your open and click rates. Sending weekly emails is important to maintaining a brand presence with your customers and prospects. Leveraging your email data can help you get the most ROI from your efforts.
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Average Email Open Rates by Industry Per Constant Contact
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